Quarantine Tips: How to Avoid the Boredom

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With COVID-19 on a high streak, the possibility of landing in quarantine is no longer something students of Snow College can ignore. Fortunately, spending ten-plus days inside does not seem as bleak with a few boredom-fighting tricks up your sleeve.

Kara Clayton, a Snow College student currently in isolation from exposure says, “Keeping yourself busy, even if it’s just little meaningless tasks, keeps me thinking productively and positively. I like to do homework, take long showers because I have no roommates, and FaceTime my friends and family.”

Georgia Hollings, another student who tested positive and is now in quarantine commented as well: “Sleeping is something that I do a lot. It might not be the healthiest, but getting good rest is never a bad thing. Doing homework and staying on task in school helps me a lot, and being able to talk and interact with other people who have COVID is also helpful.”

Following the suggestions of these students, which are keeping busy and staying on task throughout the day, can help a lot with mental health. It can be tough to stay positive and to have a good attitude but there are a few things students can do to stay that way. 

“I like to exercise, especially being a student athlete. I think this is probably the best way for me to keep a good mindset. Doing body weight workouts, even if it doesn’t challenge me as much as the gym does, is a good way to start,” says Clayton on mental health. Hollings adds,” I keep myself showered and ready for the day even if I’m in bed the entire time. Staying in pajamas can be fun but it gets old day after day.”

Mental health in quarantine is important to keep up and by getting exercise, getting ready or even just staying productive, students can push through isolation with a positive mindset.

Lydia Montague is an aspiring journalist- student looking to major in English with an emphasis in sports journalism. Having grown up playing sports and constantly writing, reporting and analyzing sporting events in newspaper form has become a passion which she hopes to continue with in the future.

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