Questions Loom in the Minds of Men: What A Girl Thinks

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Shay Krebs models the correct way to take a selfie. Girls don’t always post selfies just because they’re seeking compliments, sometimes they do it just for fun. Photo by Katrina Christensen

Shay Krebs models the correct way to take a selfie. Girls don’t always post selfies just because they’re seeking compliments, sometimes they do it just for fun. Photo by Katrina Christensen

Why do so many girls reject acts of chivalry?

We’re not used to them. That’s not to say that we were never taught to accept kind gestures. It’s just not something offered to us all the time anymore. The other issue is that we need to feel a sense of independence. When guys do things we are fully capable of doing, we sometimes feel deprived of that independence and it feels uncomfortable. Most of the time, though, we don’t intend to reject them. We just aren’t expecting the acts of chivalry offered to us by some and forgotten by others.

Why can’t girls just accept that sometimes guys really think about nothing?

It’s not normal for us. We are constantly thinking! Even when we are spaced out, we’re thinking about something that happened or worrying about something we have to do. Even stress- and worry-free we think a lot. Whether it be, “Wow, that color is super cute on that wall,” or “Who am I going to marry? Am I ever going to be married?” we will always find something to ponder. The whole “blank mind” thing doesn’t really happen for us. So it’s fairly difficult for us to grasp that idea because we have no experience with it.

 Why do girls take so many “tell-me-I’m-pretty!” selfies? Don’t you feel weird when you do that?

Surely guys have felt the need to impress their peers before! Girls compete in many different forms, selfies being one of the newest ways. Although there are plenty of times when we post a picture to get others attention, there are also many times when we post them because we like the picture and we feel like it makes us look pretty! So sometimes, yes, it could be seeking compliments. But sometimes, we just feel confident and want to show others that we are confident in that way.

If the girl says that the relationship is moving “too fast,” what is she really saying?

She may have trust issues and therefore is scared to commit to anything before she feels it’s safe. Or it could just be her way of politely saying, “Slow down, back off a little, you’re smothering me.” Maybe sometimes she really is feeling like the relationship is moving too fast and it should be taken seriously. It really depends on the situation.

How often do girls talk about guys?

A lot.

What are some common hints that girls drop when they want a guy to ask them out?

Most of the time, we will ask if he is going to be at an event we hope to see him at. We may mention an idea to hang out or do something with him when he’s free. But overall, we will just flirt and/or hang around, hoping he’ll get the hint even if we didn’t really give one.

Why are girls attracted to “buff” guys?

Well… why are guys attracted to “curves?” We’re biologically designed to seek a male that can protect, work, and provide for us and any children we may have. It’s kind of a bit of survival of the fittest. Sorry guys.

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