Questions Loom in the Minds of Women: What A Guy Thinks

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Gage Bell shows mildly no emotion, while Lexi and on the other hand, like most girls shows emotion. Guys might not show a lot of emotion, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t feeling any. Photo by Hannah Branch

Gage Bell shows mildly no emotion, while Lexi and on the other hand, like most girls shows emotion. Guys might not show a lot of emotion, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t feeling any. Photo by Hannah Branch

Why do guys want to “hang out” but never go on a date?

If you are experiencing this problem, it may be one of several reasons.

The first possibility may be that you are already good friends. He may like you, but what if you don’t like him in the same way? Asking you on a date could spoil the friendship you currently have! Give it some time, drop some hints (we need them!), and things may change!

Another possibility could, sadly be that you’re good friends but he doesn’t like you as anything more than that. If you’re dropping hints and he seems to intentionally disregard them, then it may be time to look elsewhere – he probably isn’t interested.

The last possibility I see is that he likes you but he’s just ignorant. Flick him on the nose.

Why do some guys feel the need to ask permission to hold hands or kiss instead of going for it?

The answer to this question is simple! It’s obviously not the best way to go, because girls like guys to take control of the situations. However, guys lack the confidence to simply “go for it.” Easier said than done! What if you reject us? What if you turn away or snatch your hand into your pocket? AWK.

So if a guy asks permission, don’t hold it against him! He’s probably just very nervous about messing this up.

So if your answer is yes, smile cutely and tell him – his confidence will improve over time. If the answer is no, let him down softly, okay? He’s probably nervous out of his mind.

What’s the point in dating if you don’t want a serious relationship out of it?

Well there are a lot of guys out there looking to get married right now. Have you noticed how many engagements have been happening lately? Like a billion! In order to find “the right one,” many guys will go out on dates with many different girls to figure out what they want in a girlfriend or even spouse.

That’s usually why we seem to just “go on dates,” and it may take a while before getting in a serious relationship. We usually don’t want to plunge into things, and down the road, girls will appreciate that!

Why are guys so guarded about showing their feelings?

. . . You know, I don’t really have a solid answer to this one. We’re men! What more can I say? We’re just men.

For me I still have trouble showing emotion for a lot of things, even on Christmas! It’s not intentional. Just because we’re not showing it on our face, doesn’t mean that we’re not feeling it. We’re just not as expressive. We’re just that way. Deal with it.


Why will a guy never admit that something upsets him?

Well. If you’re talking about “upset” as in “angry,” then I’d say that the reason for this is that anger is a weakness that may scare you or push you away, and we don’t want to do that! So naturally we cover it up.

If you mean “upset” as in “emotionally scarred and traumatized,” then it’s obvious. There is an expectation placed on men that says that we need to be strong and confident for you – strange as it may be, what if you think we are weak because we are “upset” about something? Irrational, yes, but true.


Taylor Yorgason is 23 years old and a sophomore at Snow College, studying Communications with a possibility of transitioning into Marketing. He enjoys film editing and blogging. He hopes to have a future in making promotional videos. He started writing for The Snowdrift during the Spring 2015 semester and most enjoys writing Opinion articles.

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