Redefining Beauty: Snow College Convocation

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Lexee Tabbutt with Lexie and Lindsay Kite after the “Beauty Redefined”  convocations meeting. Lexee had the opportunity to eat lunch with the Kite sisters. Photo by Alex Doucet

Lexee Tabbutt with Lexie and Lindsay Kite after the “Beauty Redefined”
convocations meeting. Lexee had the opportunity to eat lunch with the Kite sisters. Photo by Alex Doucet

Lexie and Lindsay Kite shared their research and hypothesis with those in attendance at convocation on Nov 6. Their focus was on body and the media. They urged an attitude of “taking back beauty for women.”

Their presentation argued that the media, while trying to sell women and men beauty and fashion products, have created an unhealthy and emotionally destructive perspective, especially for how both women and men perceive women. This is an attitude that is psychologically distorting and behaviorally dangerous.

Eating disorders, obsessive exercise, excessive spending on beauty products and fashion have become far too prevalent in our culture. The sisters wrote a 300 page dissertation on the subject.

They opposed the social attitude of “modest is hottest,” stating that this perspective still emphasizes the woman’s body and display of it, perpetuating an objectifying focus on it.

The audience was challenged to “redefine” what beauty means to them as individuals. The statement, “what the body can do” should be the emphasis a person places on their self worth, not what their body represents to others. Lexie Kite explained that, “women are more than just bodies.”

Rachel Keller, of the Honors Department and a faculty member participant of the gender studies initiative gave comment:

“The Snow College Gender Studies Initiative was happy to partner with Convocation and the Wellness Center to bring Beauty Redefined to the students at Snow College. So many of the issues they discussed are currently being debated and sorted out by many of the students on our campus,” she said. “From body image, to the culture of blame and shame, to the complexity of why and how to practice (or not) modesty, Beauty Redefined gave our students much to consider. Challenging students to think critically and ask ‘why’ is always a worthwhile endeavor.”

Adam Randle Hall is another current writer for the Snowdrift. He is a Junior from Provo, Utah. Adam last attended UVU as a music major years ago, before discontinuing in order to pursue his artistic endeavors in creating film and song writing. After four years experience in both mediums and with local communities, he has decided to return to school at Snow to further his education. Adam began attending Snow this Fall of 2012, and is hoping to gain as many credits as he can here at Snow College. Though undecided as to his Major, due to his broad interests, he is investigating possibilities in the earth sciences, philosophy, and of course, journalism. His main focus in journalism has been his on-going interest in foreign policy, global economics, climatology, and sustainability. He has been following current events closely for years now through the press, non-fiction publications, and documentary films along with other forms of new media. Adam plays guitar and piano, and is always looking for others to collaborate with. He has acted, produced, assistant directed, consulted, and done sound for multiple films. He has a continued desire to participate with other artistic personalities, and is quite amenable to assisting with the projects of others, time permitting. Adam has enjoyed his new experience at Snow College, and finds campus and student life to be "quite the unique experience. Really, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now."

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