Registration For Spring Semester to Begin Soon

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Spring semester feels like it could be as far as another planet away, but in reality now is the time to start preparing for the next semester here at Snow College.

This year, sophomore (31+ earned credits) students can begin registering as soon as November 9. Freshman (0-30 earned credits) can register on November 16, and registration opens for new students (0 Credits – New Spring Semester) on December 7.

The Snow College Student Success Center Advisors are extremely helpful when guiding students in class registration.

Last year, Snow College student Viviana Benavides said, “Registration really helped me organize my schedule into what I needed for my career. It also was nice to be registered for classes before they were all full.”

Registration is great for any Snow students. It is helpful, even if you don’t know your major. The advisors are great and willing to help students with what they need for the future. Many students believe they are fine to do it on their own, but here at Snow, we have skilled advisors who can help you in many ways.

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