Reina Kropf Presents “Full Figure”

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Art pieces featured in the student gallery. Photo by Reina Kropf.

In the humanities building, there is a room right off the main gallery area where art major students get to showcase their abilities. The current topic for the gallery is “Full Figure” which was curated or put together, by Reina Kropf. 

This topic is to help showcase the human body. Kropf said “I picked the topic partially because of my own experience with nude art. For most of my life, I avoided pieces of art with nudity and didn’t think it was something worth respecting.” Through this gallery, she is hoping to show other people the beauty that comes with nude art. The pieces came from a variety of students and offered new perspectives. 

Kropf stated that “Many of the pieces come from the final project for Anatomy for Artists. I wanted these pieces in because of the stigma surrounding artists and nudity but not doctors and nudity. I also picked some that were more sketched and unfinished because I wanted to show that figure art can be just studying the human figure to better our understanding of the human body.” 

When it comes to setting up the gallery it takes a long time for the curator to get ready with the help of the gallery assistant. Kropf said, “It takes a lot of time deciding how to arrange the pieces, you want everything to be cohesive and work together while still presenting the individuality of the pieces.” 

After the gallery is put together there is a reception that allows for the public to come in and look at the art while communicating with the artists. Different student artists will be showcased so make sure to stop by and support the artists.

Marylee Giddings is a freshman here at Snow College. Growing up in San Juan county she grew a love for journalism along with reading, art, piano, and hanging out with her two dogs.

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