Richfield’s Hidden Gem

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Trina Rasmussen removes split ends from a clients hair. Photo by Hailey Einzinger

Snow College is home to many diverse people and as such has many diverse fields of study and career paths. One that is not as well known, is the cosmetology and barbering program. This program along with other trade programs Snow College offers call the Richfield campus home. 

The Cosmetology and Barbering program teaches students a broad range of skills in the service field. These skills include, barbering, hair styling and cutting, nails, lashes,  and skin care. Each student tends to take a liking to one specific thing, but they are all well rounded in the skills taught. Trina Rasmussen, a Sophomore in the program states, “I definitely want to get better in doing eyelashes and nails, but the whole hair portion of it is my favorite.” The variety of skills taught allows for each student to find what they enjoy and gives the program a more diverse learning environment. 

The Cosmetology program also adds to the warm atmosphere that Snow College is renowned for. Rasmussen later goes on to state: “The atmosphere in the salon is always so upbeat and exciting! Our instructors love what they do and it helps to make it a happy environment.” This positive atmosphere fosters a strong and reliable learning environment. In fact the Institute of Educational Sciences states “Creating a positive and engaging classroom atmosphere is one of the most powerful tools teachers can use to encourage learning”  

The diversity and general atmosphere of the Snow College cosmetology and barbering program allows for a greater sense of warmth and inclusion within Snow’s campus. This program is a valuable asset to Snow College and to its students. It creates an atmosphere of positive learning and encourages the acquisition of new skills. All in all the program is an impressive asset to the Snow College technical school.

Hailey Einzinger a Freshman at Snow College, majoring in communications. In addition to writing, she is a radio DJ for the Kage. Her passion is politics and she hopes to one day have a law degree.

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