How to Rock Your Mom’s Jeans

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Have you ever dug through your mom’s closet and found some really cool, old sweater she wore in high school and thought, “Man, I’d look good in that,” but weren’t sure how to actually make it look good? Or have you ever walked down the school hallway and seen the “it girl” wearing a denim jacket she bought at the thrift shop down the road and wondered how she managed to pull it off so well? Well, here’s a few tips to help you get started.

  1. The idea that denim can’t be worn on denim is a myth. Denim on denim is the perfect start to your daring adventure into wearing recycled clothing. But here’s the catch: a light wash will be your best friend. I’m talking the light wash denim jeans your mom totally wore back in the 80’s with a light wash jacket over the top of some totally tacky cat sweater with a pair of rockin’ Converse.
  1. Turtleneck tops are a staple of any recycled fashion wardrobe. They can be dressed up with your button-down A-line skirt and tights or dressed casually warm in your overalls and Doc Marten boots. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a turtleneck.
  1. Bold prints in bold colors. From bright green triangles to black and white stripes. The wackier the print and the crazier the color, the better. The best part is you can find these in t-shirts to sweaters and style them in your own unique and fun way.

While all of these tips are useful in any wardrobe and can easily be found at any thrift shop or D.I., the biggest secret to recycled fashion is that there are really no rules. You can mix and match from all decades of your choice but the one thing that truly ties a look together is confidence.

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