Roommate Date Ideas: Bonding Time

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There are dates and there are roommate dates. 

Roommates are a big part of college life. Whether or not one gets along with them is another question. Roommates can be difficult to get along with, but they sure can be fun to hang out with, given the right circumstances there are plenty of places to go on a roommate date!

Yes. A roommate date. It can be with one or two roommates or all of the roommates. Unsure of a place to go? Well, this article can help out. 

The Malt Shop. Located here in Ephraim Utah, the Malt Shop is a place to get lunch or dinner or just to get some shakes and ice cream. 

SnoCap Lanes Bowling Alley is a place to go hang out with roommates, eat food, go play games in the arcade, or try to beat each other during a fun game of bowling. 

Have adventurous roommates? Hiking the canyons nearby is the way to go. Hike the trail in Maple Canyon to see the waterfall or any of the many hiking trails in Ephraim Canyon. 

Hanging out with roommates playing video games or card games could be an excellent time that doesn’t cost much money.

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