SBO’s Host Rootbeer & Buttons

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Preston Moon uses device to create buttons for students. Photo by Autumn Rose

The SBO’s this fall semester held a RootBeer & Buttons night on Thursday the 2nd. It was encouraged to make a button of your choosing. Refreshments were served in temperature color changing snow cups. The SBO’s were in charge of making the actual buttons. The students were asked to design or pick a design for their buttons. Each student got the option to have two buttons. There was live music and decorations for the holiday season. June Korth, a freshman at Snow College said “I really loved the music that was provided, the piano was amazing and the singing was really inspirational.” 

Not only was the music interesting to listen to, the gathering of students was a sight to see. Many people came and participated and got a nice rootbeer float as a treat. Benjamin Seargeant, a snow college student said, “I thought it was fun for how simple it was. My favorite part would have to be just having something to do while talking with some of my friends because it was nice to be socializing over something different. Maybe next time they could offer various soda options for the floats, I know for fact that a grape soda float is heavenly. But the root beer floats were really yummy, and the heat-changing cups were seriously cool.” 

Autumn Rose has completed a semester in the Newspaper Production class at Snow College. She has done a semester of layout for the SnowDrift. This is her second semester attending Snow College.

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