Pinching Pennies? Not Anymore!

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Colby Peterson shows how he needs to save for the holiday season.

Colby Peterson shows how he needs to save for the holiday season. Photo by Cheyenne Davis

With the holiday season right around the corner, students may be feeling a little extra pinch on their pocket book. During the holiday season, the list of expenses seems to be even longer than usual. Whatever the situation, here are some tips to help keep stress to the minimum- and the savings account much happier this holiday season!

• Make gifts at home! This is an awesome way to exercise creative abilities and save those precious pennies. Generally people will appreciate something more when they can tell you have put thought, time and effort into it. Make this holiday special (and CHEAP!) by creating your own homemade gifts.

• Instead of buying expensive gifts, take a weekend and create culinary a masterpiece! There are all sorts of delicious holiday treats that can be made inexpensively, which can then be packaged and given away as gifts. And who wouldn’t be excited for a bag full of delicious looking treats?

• Set a price limit with friends and family! Know how much you are willing to spend on gifts and have your friends set the same limit. One would be surprised at how many gift options there are, even for a relatively small price.

• When traveling home this holiday season, offer to carpool with friends! This will save everyone involved money where you can all pitch in on gas money instead of paying it all by yourself.

• Make a budget and stick to it! Know where you are at with your finances, and create a budget that will allow you to meet all of your expenses and have enough money to last you through the holiday season. This step will save you a TON of stress! Plan ahead and be prepared!


Whatever the circumstances may be, these tried and true tips will keep students healthy, happy, popular and stress free this holiday season. Not only will students be happier, but that savings account will be much happier when these simple steps are followed.


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