Student Body Advocates Election Coming Up

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SBA Elections: Photo courtesy of

SBA Elections:
Photo courtesy of

Campaigns for Student Body Advocate elections begin on March 9, and run until the final day of voting on March 13. All Snow College students are encouraged to vote for the 2015 Student Government representatives.

Student Body Advocates are in charge of a majority of the student activities on campus. Whenever a student gets a text message on their phone from the school, informing them of student activities, it is the SBA’s getting the message out.

These SBAs see themselves as “servants of the students” and work to improve campus life for everyone. These representatives are both elected and appointed into different positions.

This election season you will see two students running on a ticket for president and vice-president positions. Other students run individually for positions over academics, service, athletics, arts, lectures, and inclusion and diversity.

For those students who have no idea who is running for the various SBA positions, or those who want to know what these candidates are all about, there will be a “meet the candidates” convocations held on March 12.

Candidates will campaign throughout the week, and hope to get the student body involved in the voting process. Voting will run from March 12-13 and SBA inauguration will take place on April 16.


“As SBAs, we can make some cool changes on campus.” Explained President, Chris Jenkins, “Recently we sent out a survey asking if students would pay three extra dollars in student fees so we could get free-weights in the AC and almost everyone voted yes.”


These advocates are constantly looking for ways to improve Student Life and represent the Student Body to the best of their abilities. In order for these advocates to properly represent the Student Body, it is important that all students get involved in the voting process.


Haley Christiansen is the Editor-in-Chief for The Snowdrift. She has two years of experience writing for The Snowdrift and three years’ experience writing for her high school’s newspaper before that. She worked in editing as well as layout and design of the newspaper. Haley is a social science major and plans to go into secondary education.

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