Scares at the Square

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After almost a month of preparation, on October 28, 29, and 31, Snow College On-Campus Housing hosted Scare at the Square, a haunted house that has been put on by their staff and open to both the students and the community.

The haunted house was set up in the basement of the Suites at Academy Square. It featured a range of different environments designed to target certain phobias and to scare attendees. It costed $2.00 for general admission and $1.00 for On-Campus residents.

Taryn Thomas enthused, “It was awesome, definitely worth a dollar.”

As attendees were lead down the stairs of the Suites to the haunted house in the basement, Residence Life Coordinator, Scott Mathie told them the rules in the form of a memorable and chilly rhyme.

People of all ages came through the haunted house, testing both their luck and their eyesight. In this Halloween adventure, some attendees’ found it difficult to believe their eyes as the actors used their surroundings to their advantage and literally disappeared into the walls.

Freshman, Olivia James remarked that though she was scared and “my eyes were closed most of the time.” She said actually enjoyed the haunted house a lot and “would go again.”

Coby Jensen, Vice President of the RHA reported, “The event was a huge success. We had many people getting hyped for this event and it was the talk of campus.”

Many attendees were pleasantly surprised to find themselves scared and as such there were many returners. One such returner, student, Jordan Fitting went through the haunted house more than six times over the course of the weekend. “It was honestly really well put together. I liked it a lot. I think the Anderson room really sets it up and then your like creeped out the rest of the time…It’s super psychological. It’s a really good room that sets up the rest of the hallway.”

The event was not without its struggles however, Jensen revealed that one of the biggest struggles in their preparation was that “Fall break landed one week before we opened. This made it slightly difficult for us to get the finishing touches completed. However, we pulled through and were able to have everything ready well in advance.”

None of the scaring would have been possible without the quick and efficient efforts of the Scare at the Square Fix-It crew. The Fix-It crew kept out of sight as they roamed through the haunted house fixing walls, malfunctioning lights, and taking care of the actors.

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