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The State Building Board has recently determined that Snow College’s new science building is their number one capital project priority.

The college is now one step closer to adding a state-of-the-art science building to the Ephraim campus. Progress has also been made in securing funding for the project, which increases the likelihood of approval from the legislature.

Private funding decreases the cost to the state, making the project more appealing to the legislature. Representatives of Snow College proposed that the College raise $3 million to help gain support for the building. This goal has nearly been reached, thanks to the fundraising team and private donors.

“We appreciate the donors who have willingly and generously supported this very important project,” said Snow College President Gary Carlston. “They all seem to love and care about Snow College.”

The project has not yet been approved by the legislature, and additional private funding is still needed, but it is probable that Snow College will soon have a new science building.

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