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Photo courtesy of Snow Service Club

Photo courtesy of Snow Service Club

Snow College Service Day was put on by the Snow College Ambassadors and the student body in Ephraim Saturday, October 26.  Snow College celebrates 125 years as a school, and 125 years of service.

On this warm Saturday morning, students arrived on campus at 10:00 A.M. to participate in the service project.  Upon arrival, each student was given a long sleeved navy blue shirt which read, “Snow College Service Day 2013. Warmest Snow on Earth.”  The students were divided into groups and then they set off to begin serving the residents of Ephraim.

“The Warmest Snow on Earth” is a fitting title for the service project.  The atmosphere wherever service was being provided was happy and friendly.  Blisters and fatigue would possibly follow for many, but Snow College students were glad for the opportunity to give back.

The groups of students were given addresses of places where service was needed.  They were also asked to knock on doors and to offer their services to anyone in need.  Service was provided in the form of raking leaves, cleaning windows, weeding, cleaning gutters, chopping wood and anything else that was needed.  With rakes and trash bags in hand, and smiles on their faces, the students hit the streets.

Riley Beck, the ambassador in charge of the event commented on the project saying, “We want to get as much service done as possible and have fun doing it.  Helping to unite this community is our aim by helping them out with the services they need.”  He went on to say, “The citizens of Ephraim always do so much for Snow College and we just want to show our appreciation for them.”

Miranda Hyer, a student at Snow College was asked to chop wood.  She exclaimed, “I’ve never held an ax before in my life!”  Without hesitation, however, she jumped at the opportunity to do what she could.

Photo courtesy of Snow Service Club

Photo courtesy of Snow Service Club

Teamwork was evident as students worked together to accomplish as much as they could in the short amount of time they had.  Some students raked leaves as others went behind them and gathered them up in garbage bags.  As wood was chopped, an assembly line was formed to make the process quicker and easier.

Beck concluded by saying, “We want to thank all of the wonderful members of this community who do so much for us.  We are grateful for everything they do and wish to show our love and appreciation for them.  Thank you to all those students who participated as well.”

Serving the Ephraim community for 125 years has given Snow College a reputation.  Helping and serving Ephraim residents is something Snow College takes pride in, a service provided by students in long sleeved navy blue t-shirts.

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