Showing Appreciation for the Heroes of Our Nation

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A soldier returns to spend the holidays with his young family.   Photo courtesy of

A soldier returns to spend the holidays with his young family.
Photo courtesy of

The holidays are here, and families are coming together, but not all families are whole for the holiday season. A countless number of military families are missing loved ones due to a deployment. A strain is put upon the families and soldiers every year, but they know the sacrifice their loved ones make for this nation every day. The soldiers are the true heroes in Americans’ daily lives, protecting them and giving up so much for the safety of the nation. It breaks the hearts of family members when their loved ones can’t be there for important occasions like birthdays, holidays, recitals, baseball games, anniversaries, and even the birth of a child, but knowing the importance of why they are missing is worth every heartbreak.

Soldiers give up the most important thing they have to protect Americans, so they can have freedom, liberty, and choice. When deployed, there are many soldiers in the same situation struggling with the desire for home. Many soldiers come together and reminisce in the memories they share with their families on the holidays. Soldiers are provided with holiday parties, food, prizes, and live entertainment from the USO (United Service Organization), a non-profit organization that lifts the spirits of troops and their families. The USO is just another place like home away from home. They do so much to help out and provide for the nation’s soldiers. Many organizations are out there providing care packages, cards, and goodies for the troops. Anyone can volunteer or donate to troops today. Please help as much as possible to lift the spirits of the troops and send a thank you, it’s worth every penny. Just remember the importance of our military, and the women and men who joined knowing they would be handing over their life to the people of this nation giving Americans a chance. Just a simple “thank you” will do more than nothing. Operation Gratitude sends more than 150,000 care packages to new recruits, veterans, first responders, wounded warriors, caregivers, and individually named U.S Service Members deployed overseas. Those wishing to contribute to charity can donate money or send material items, cards, candy, and food. The website for more information about the organization is People can also send a care package to the following address. Please share a gratitude, thanks, and appreciation for the military today.

Operation Gratitude / CA Army National Guard

17330 Victory Blvd.

Van Nuys, CA 91406

Attn: Angel Cuevas

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