Significance Behind Dia De Los Muertos

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Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a tradition that started in Mexico, which is celebrated from midnight of October 31st to November 2nd. 

This holiday inspires people to visit the cemetery to decorate their relatives’ tombstones with flowers and colorful decorations. Building altars in their homes is another sacred tradition that consists of marigolds, candles, offerings and their loved one’s favorite foods. 

The purpose of it taking place on midnight of October 31st is to welcome the souls of their deceased relatives. The belief is that the doors of heaven open at 12am and gives souls the chance to be present with their families for 24 hours.  

Mexicans celebrate by wearing costumes, painting their faces, and having parades. They honor the death and life of their ancestors. It is important to identify that Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos are two different celebrations. Pixar Animation Studios accurately portrayed the traditions and it was nominated for 13 awards. 

An interesting fact is that Catholics do not celebrate Halloween but they do have respect and celebrate the Day of the Dead. A representation or symbol well recognized all over the world is the Catrina skeleton. She is recognized by many people for her unique costume and makeup. 

There is a song inspired by her called “La Llorona.” A great representation of this holiday is the Disney movie, COCO. Pixar Animation Studios  accurately portrayed the traditions and it was nominated for 13 awards.  

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