Some simple steps to Brain Power

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When asked how logical reasoning helps her be happy, Freshman Jill Carter said, “It definitely helps with time management. I can know what’s most important and take care of it. Obviously, that helps with school work.  It cuts down on arguments too, because I can see things from someone else’s point of view instead of just my own.”

With a better understanding of logical reasoning, anyone can change their own life.  As they think more clearly they can better understand the world around them, find more satisfaction in their relationships, and can be more productive members of society.

Sophomore, Steve Nielsen said, “Good reasoning is important because it helps me understand the situation instead of jumping to conclusions.  I can see things through other people’s eyes and get the whole perspective.  Many situations can be completely different if looked at with the right reasoning.”

Increasing logical ability is not only important but easy too.  A simple way to do it is by studying logical fallacies.  A logical fallacy is an error in reasoning that renders itself invalid.  Or in other words, it’s a statement that doesn’t make sense.  When it can be avoided, logical ability increases.

One logical fallacy is over-generalization, which is a common mistake when someone makes assumptions.  For example, one claim is, “Some terrorist groups claim to have religious reasons for their widespread violence.”

Based on that premise, it’s easy to give way to faulty logic like, “Terrorist groups are inherently religious. Therefore, religious people are hateful and narrow-minded. Therefore, religion hurts more people than it helps.”

Logical fallacies like over-generalization breed poor understanding.  Media hype only makes things worse, making it hard to grasp true claims like, “Religion generally teaches principles like charity, mutual respect, and service.”  However, when everyone strives for logical reasoning, mutual comprehension can always endure.

Logical fallacies are fun and easy to learn, too.  More logical fallacies can be found by typing “List of fallacies” into Google.

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