Skilled Dancers and Tik Tok Stars

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The Badgerettes perfect a dance for an upcoming sporting event. Photo Courtesy of Hailey Einzinger

The Snow College Badgerettes are a staple at all Badger sporting events. They are eye-catching in their glittering outfits, and their smiles light up a room. But there is much more to the popular dance team than meets the eye. 

Many halftime shows are graced by the many styles of dance the Badgerettes are trained in. Cameo Knight, a freshman on the teams states “The Badgerettes are different from other teams I’ve been on because I’ve never done the style of dance we do. We do a lot of cheer and hip hop and it’s been really fun to learn new styles.” With practice five times a week, they spend immense amounts of time perfecting these  dances and making sure they are performance ready. 

The Badgerettes are not only skilled dancers, they’re social media fiends.The team often puts these skills to use via their official Tik Tok, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Instagram p These accounts post popular trends with a twist on them that show school spirit and lots of laughs. Often in these tik toks they show their school spirit by including many different blue and orange uniforms as well as involving Buster Badger himself.  Not to mention the videos exhibiting their talents of high kicks and pirouettes, along with pictures showing smiles and laughter on the sidelines of many games.Snow College’s website itself states “The Snow College Badgerette Dance Team serves as representatives for Snow College and the Athletic Department”. Showing just how valuable the Badgerettes are to the Snow College athletic department. 

While the Badgerettes certainly provide a show of bright smiles and trendy music; they are much more than a dance team, they are a family. The family dynamic of the team pushes each of the Badgerettes to do their absolute best in performances. Knight also said, “My best achievement from being on Badgerettes is getting to become such good friends with all the girls” 

Proving that the Badgerettes truly personify the Snow College motto: Badgers Belong. 

The Badgerettes are an integral part of student life at Snow College. They provide entertainment and are an important piece of the Snow Athletic Department. They certainly have proved that they are much more than a dance team.

Hailey Einzinger a Freshman at Snow College, majoring in communications. In addition to writing, she is a radio DJ for the Kage. Her passion is politics and she hopes to one day have a law degree.

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