SLC Army Reserve to Fight Ebola

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This spring, a Salt Lake City army reserve unit will be going to West Africa to participate in a mission to help control the Ebola virus outbreak.

According to, the 96th Sustainment Brigade is among 850 other soldiers going to provide sustainment-logistical support capabilities. Before departure, the group will be undergoing extensive Ebola-prevention, malaria prevention, other medical threats, and medical readiness training.

Rear Admiral John Kirby, Pentagon Press Secretary, commented, “These troops will replace forces in Senegal and Liberia who are supporting our whole-of-government response to the most devastating Ebola outbreak in history.”

According to the press release, soldiers of the 96th Sustainment Brigade specialize in providing sustainment-logistical support capabilities, making them a critical element in meeting the challenges of this unique mission.

Since they will be working around a virus, there will be many precautions taken. Admiral John Kirby states, “As we rotate U.S. military personnel, we will take all prudent steps necessary to ensure their safety and implement procedures and protocols to reduce or eliminate the risk of transmission of the Ebola virus.”

The 96th Sustainment Brigade will depart this spring with the second rotation of Operation United Assistance forces and will serve up to six months. Their total mobilization time will be based on mission requirements, according to The Salt Lake Tribune.




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