Snow Campus Police Are Here to Help

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Sgt Rick Rasmussen, Chief Derek Walk and Officer Eddie Christensen are all smiles and good vibes as they pose for the camera.  Photo by Jayleen Sandoval

Promoting a place where culture is diverse, safety present, and respect intact may not be the first thing a Badger thinks of when talking about the campus police here at Snow College, but it’s the thing they’re here to work for. 

Some students may not yet be familiar with the team that makes up our campus security. Chief Derek Walk has been at Snow for eight years. Officer Eddie Christensen has been at Snow for three years.

Chief Walk along with some Campus Safety Personnel spread awareness about driver safety in September. They warned drivers about the sun’s glare during the equinox.The glare makes pedestrians hard to see so they handed out cookies and flyers reminding Badgers to drive carefully.

Fun fact about Officer Christensen is that he teaches a criminal justice class as well as working with Public Safety. A new addition to the Snow College police force is Officer Rick Rasmussen. He worked at Snow College for three years before he left and retired for a year. Now, he is back and working as Sergeant of Public Safety. Rasmussen said, “My favorite thing about being back at Snow is working with the students and faculty.” Rasmussen is in charge of the Campus Safety Personnel and has enjoyed his opportunity to be able to interact with the students again.

The Snow College police want Badgers to know they have a victim advocate available to assist and support them. Her name is Bri Powell and she can help students navigate their way through the current situation they are facing. At night their Campus Safety Personnel can walk students home if they are feeling unsafe. 

Officer Rasmussen said, “We want Badgers to know we are here for you guys. We are here to help students learn and answer any questions they may have. Don’t be afraid to flag us down whenever you need something.”

Jayleen is a sophomore at Snow College who plans to graduate in the Spring of 2022. She enjoys spending time with her brothers and their families. She likes to look for new books to recommend others and playing video games with her friends.

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