Snow College Homecoming Week Preview

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Genny Wood and Trevor Oberhansley spend the night at the 2014 Homecoming Dance. The Homecoming Dance is the final event of Homecoming week, planned for September 26th of this year.  Photo courtesy of the 2014-2015 Student Body Advocates

Genny Wood and Trevor Oberhansley spend the night at the 2014 Homecoming Dance.
Photo courtesy of the 2014-2015 Student Body Advocates

Homecoming week is packed full of activities. Each event getting Snow students more excited for the next. Snow College’s SBA’s and friends from Student Life have planned and prepared a week that all Snow College Badgers can be involved in. This year homecoming runs from September 21 – 26, with the unifying theme of We Are Snow.

Monday the 21st starts the fun with the Cocoa Cozy from 8-10p.m. Students can go and get cozy over some free hot chocolate.

Tuesday the 22nd continues the entertainment with Snow’s Got Talent going from 8-10p.m. Students can come and laugh, smile, or relax as they watch other Badgers show off their amazing talents.

Wednesday the 23rd Snow Badgers can dive into their creative and hungry side by going to the Snap and Snack activity from 11a.m.–2p.m. Students can eat food as they decorate a Snow College hat.

Friday the 25th Students can work off all that stress by being apart of the 5k Fun Glow Run. From 9-11p.m. Badgers will go and light up Ephraim as they run a 5k through the hometown of Snow College.

Saturday the 26th Snow College kicks off the day with the traditional Homecoming Parade from 10-11a.m located on Main Street. After students can head to the practice field and socialize, play games, and eat while at the tailgate party.

Now everyone can go and support the Badger football team at the homecoming game starting at 1pm. The celebration is not over yet from 9-11p.m. Snow College Badgers can head over to homecoming dance and party the night away!

*Note activities are free for Snow College Students with ID cards

Shelby Rasmussen is a sophomore at Snow College. She graduated from North Sanpete High School in 2014 and is now pursuing a degree in radiology. Shelby loves adventure, helping others, and photography. She says that radiology brings all of those things together. After finishing her generals and pre-requisites, she hopes to transfer to one of the three schools in Utah that teach radiology.

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