Snow College Housing Options

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With registering for fall semester around the corner, now is the time for returning Snow College students to start applying for housing for the next school year.

Snow College offers a variety of housing types both on and off-campus to help students find what they need during their time at Snow College. On-campus housing offers a few different types of apartments students can choose from: sleep study, full kitchen, or suite style.

Jackie Deneau, an office manager for Residence Life, said “The on-campus apartments that go the fastest are private rooms and then the full kitchen apartments.” She recommends students start applying as soon as possible if they want private rooms on campus. Anderson Hall is one of the on-campus housing buildings that offers private rooms and is still available for students to apply for.

Off-campus apartments are another great option for returning Snow College students. Off-campus apartments offer students shared and private housing. Pinetree is an off-campus apartment complex which offers both private and shared rooms. Snow College student, Kasidy Griffiths, said she enjoys Pinetree’s private housing because she likes having her own space.

Shaunie Nielson, a residence assistant at Pinetree says “The people at Pinetree are great and so is the environment.” Nielson said students can apply for Pinetree housing by July.

These are just a couple of the options students can look at when selecting housing for the next school year. Students can find more housing options online on the Snow College website at

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