Snow College Puts on the Cripple of Inishmaan

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The Cripple of Inishmaan, the second production done by Snow this year, opens on Wednesday, November 16th and runs through Saturday, the 19th.

Kate Wilson, who plays Mammy, stated, “It’s a wonderful representation of the lovable Irish culture.” The rest of the cast was also asked what they thought of the production and all had roaring reports.

Chad Henwood plays the main character of Billy Claven, otherwise known as Cripple Billy. Henwood said that the cast was very close. “It’s a small cast which adds a real intimacy. There’s a strong connection between us all.” Newcomer Blake Verdel echoed Henwood, explaining that she is new to theater and said working with these cast members, “They all were very accepting and welcomed me in.”

Other cast members commented on their director, Andrew Nogasky. Mandee Burton, who plays Aunt Kate, said, “Andy is very precise. He cares a lot about the details.” Many actors said that they enjoyed working with Nogasky because of his professionalism. Nogasky himself said that he strived to make it feel like a professional environment. He has worked as a professional actor and has wanted to give these students an experience that mirrors equity acting, or acting for a paycheck.


Nogasky also mentioned a strong theme throughout the play to be fact versus story. “There is a difference between fact and story. Each one can get to the truth. Sometimes, facts are not as strong to give you truth as story can. It’s this conflict between fact and story that has captivated me the most.”

The play is defined as a “dark comedy,” and can be taken quite deeply. “You definitely need to see it at least twice,” said Chad Henwood, “Things change in the second act. You see people in a different light and you can better appreciate it if you see it multiple times.”

Cast member, Erik Larsen, mentioned what he thought an interesting thing about the play is that everyone is crippled. The main character of Cripple Billy has outside deformities and is mocked for them. Larsen said, “There’s a quote from Billy where he says something to the effect of, ‘Everyone in this town is crippled, but not all of them are on the outside.’”

The cast had less than five weeks of rehearsal time, yet that is not obvious on stage. Opening Wednesday November 16th and running until Saturday the 19th, all students should be a part of this Irish experience.

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