Snow College Recycling 

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Snow goes recycle. photo courtesy of

Snow goes recycle. photo courtesy of

Many students are unaware of the presence of Snow College’s recycling program.


The program sits right outside the Greenwood Student Center. It provides services to students and locals that have old paperwork or even plastics. The main objective of the program is to help out the community by having a place to bring recyclables to they can be reused.

If a student has a lot of paper saved up, they should consider the Recycling Center as an option to ake it. Recycling garbage can be good for the environment, and also provide the added convenience of a one stop location to deposit recyclables.

Caitlin Potter a Snow College Freshman stated, “I didn’t know we had a recycling center until I walked past t one day. If I had any documents that I don’t need any more I could take it there and I know that I would be helping out.”

Papers, cardboard, and even plastics are just some of the things you could recycle. Karista Nusink, a Snow College Freshman says, she appreciates “knowing that there is a place to take papers that I don’t need anymore. I could start to bring them there instead of tossing them into the garbage.

Recycling can be done by anyone and proponents argue it can help keep the planet nice and clean. Snow They argue that college students and locals should take the initiative to just separate out trash and find a recycling bin nearby and drop it off there. Doing so, advocates of recycling say that taking the step to recycle could keep harmful plastics out of the landfills and find ways to reuse them in an effective and environmentally friendly manner.

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