Snow College SBA Elections

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President and VIce-president winners, McCall and Caden. Photo courtesy of McCall Grajek

President and VIce-president winners, McCall and Caden.
Photo courtesy of McCall Grajek

Every year Snow College elects new student body leadership. This year, the candidates showcased their platforms, their senses of humor, service, and school spirit at Convocations on Thursday March 12.

“I’m really excited about the candidates. I think some of them will do really well,” said Snow College student Kari Thompson.

At the Convocations presentation, the candidates showed videos that illustrated what they felt their administrations would change here at Snow. The videos showed candidates commitment to their school, their sense of service and duty, as well as their sense of humor. Fine Arts Department Representative candidate, Sergio Arellano, made his video themed around asking students what they thought of Snow’s Arts program, all the while singing his self-written campaign theme “Vote for Sergio.”

Students that attended the Convocations presentation were encouraged to vote afterwards, and were treated to fresh churros.

Elections were open until Friday night, and some of the candidates went door to door imploring students to get out and vote.

The results of the elections were posted Saturday morning. The winners are as follows:


President & VP – McCall Grajek & Caden Birch
SBA Over Academics – Kayla Christensen
SBA Over Athletics – Taylor Call
SBA Over Inclusion & Diversity – Maricela Reyes
SBA Over Fine Arts – Sergio Arellano
SBA Over Service – Justin Linge

Will Barney attended Snow College for two years. He graduated from American Leadership Academy (ALA). After Snow College he is attending Southern Utah University, and plans to get a B.A. in English with a minor in Secondary Education. Will is a Horror connoisseur, and enjoys comic books and video games.

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