Ice Shack Opening in Manti

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Kyle Moore and Zach bound proudly standing in front of their new business the two put together. It will be located in Manti. Photo courtesy of Zach Bound.

Kyle Moore and Zach Bown proudly standing in front of their new business the two put together. It will be located in Manti. Photo courtesy of Zach Bown.

Snow College students Kyle Moore, of Manti, and Zach Bown, of Sterling are opening a shaved ice shack in Manti.  The grand opening of ‘KZ’s Shaved Ice’ is set for Friday, March 7 at 1:00 p.m.

Along with selling regular snow cones, KZ’s Shaved Ice will also feature a snow cone mixed with ice cream called a ‘Snow Shake’, as well as a layered snow cone, which consists of a layer of flavored shaved ice, followed by a layer of ice cream, and topped with another layer of flavored shaved ice.

Moore and Bown are both business majors at Snow College and look at this as a way to start off their goals of being successful businessmen.  Moore talks about his and Bown’s desire to start such a business, “We wanted to start a business so we decided to bring a snow cone shack closer to Snow College so students wouldn’t have to drive so far.”

KZ’s Shaved Ice offers consumers 35 flavors of shaved ice, along with benches and tables to sit down and socialize.  The shack also has a drive-thru feature for those who prefer a quick stop.

“We wanted to create a social environment for students as well as a great tasting treat,” commented Bown.  “It is a great activity to do on a date, or just a late night snack when in the mood for one,” added Moore.

Moore and Bown have also set up a Facebook page for the business.  They encouraged everyone to visit and like the page ‘KZ’s Shaved Ice.’ On this page, one can stay updated on the recent happenings with the business as well as ask questions and request flavors.

KZ’s Shaved Ice features four different sizes: small ($1.00), medium ($2.00), large ($3.00), and extra large ($4.00).  Adding ice cream to the snow cone will cost an additional .50 cents.  The red shack is located in Manti on the corner of 500 West and 300 South or just turn west at Top Stop and continue five blocks.

Normal business hours will be from 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.  For special events such as dances or stomps, KZ’s Shaved Ice will remain open later.

When asked why Snow College students should go to KZ’s Shaved Ice, Moore commented, “It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s something to do, and it’s a great product.”  Bown followed up this comment by saying, “People are going to leave feeling satisfied with the product.”  Bown then invited Snow College students to “Come give KZ’s Shaved Ice a try.”  Then he assured them, “They won’t be disappointed.”

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