Snow College’s New Four Year Degree: Software Engineering

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Snow College Software logo. Photo Snow College

Snow College Software logo. Photo Snow College

It is an exciting time at Snow College to be able to announce the approval of their second four-year degree.


The new degree that was approved by the Utah State Board of Regents is Software Engineering. According to Snow College’s website “[t]he degree will be effective starting in the fall Semester of 2017. The degree will include three areas of emphasis which students may choose: Entrepreneurship, Digital Media Design, and Web Development.” There are many students that will be entering into the program. Students both current and future are expressing interest in Snow Colleges new degree.

The excitement will continue as they hold a computer science education week. There are many activities, a free movie night, a celebratory dinner, trivia contest, retro gaming contest, coding challenge, and virtual reality sessions. The dinner was held Monday December 5th in Founders Hall. Faculty and staff spent many hours getting everything ready for the event. A faculty member, Kristal Ray, at a lunch-in on November 14th explained that they had enough faith in Dr. Hood to get the degree passed that the science department printed shirts before it was even approved.

It is an exciting new start for the college and if there is interest on the new degree information can be found on Snow College’s website by searching Software Engineering. On the page there is a spot for students that are interested in the program to put down their information and they will receive additional information. More information can be found by contacting Garth Sorenson or Kristal Ray both computer science professors at Snow College

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