Snow Graduate Leads Way for BYU

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It is fairly common knowledge among Snow College football fans that former quarterback Christian Stewart transferred to BYU after leading the Badgers for two years.  During his tenure at Snow, he passed for 39 touchdowns and 3,166 yards from 2011-2012.

He then transferred to BYU where he saw playing time his senior year when the starter, Taysom Hill, went down with a broken leg.  At the helm of the Cougars, he tossed 25 touchdowns and had 2,621 passing yards with nine interceptions.  He also led them to the Miami Beach Bowl where they suffered a heartbreaking double-overtime loss to Memphis.

As it was his senior year, that game seemed to be the last chance Stewart would ever have to take a snap as a BYU Cougar.

However, as BYU is starting spring ball in preparation for next season, they had a shortage of quarterbacks and needed support.  The Cougars turned to Stewart for help.

On the first day of spring ball, backup McCoy Hill went down with an injured foot and the Cougars only had an inexperienced sophomore left to run the offense.  With options running low, they phoned Stewart who swooped in to save the day.

According to the Deseret News, reporting what Stewart said on his first day back, “It didn’t feel like it was a real thing, but today was fun to get back out there with the guys and just be able to throw the ball around. And what are they going to do, yell at me? I can do whatever I want out there. I can make any read I want, throw the deep ball. They can’t really say anything to me.”

As long as Stewart is still enrolled at BYU, he won’t be breaking any NCAA regulations by practicing with the team.

Also in the Deseret News, Offensive Coordinator Robert Anae praised Stewart by saying, “”I hope it goes down as one of the all-time great BYU stories that we had a guy that was willing to advance the team, so everyone can get better while we wait for our younger (quarterbacks) to get in and get involved.”

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