Snow Students Plan for Taiwan

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In May, right after graduation, Diane Ogden will be taking a group of ten students, plus two faculty members to Taiwan to teach English in the city of Kaohsiung. The students will be working in a high school in Taiwan. These students will be leaving for their international trip on May 9.They will be staying for two weeks, arriving back home on the 22nd.

“I am really excited to go back and visit the country that I was able to spend two years of my life in. To see the people, the sites but I am most excited to speak Chinese with people again.” Says Colton Welch, a student going to Taiwan who has previously lived in Taiwan for two years.

They will be required to give presentations daily on a topic of their choice on something that is unique to America and something they personally love. For the two weeks, they will be staying with host families who have children at the high school. They get very involved with these host families. On evenings and weekends they will get to go sightseeing around the city to the temples, beaches and night markets.

“This is a great opportunity for me to travel while giving back. I am excited to see Taiwan and get into the culture and learn. It makes me nervous to leave and go to a place I know so little about but am ready for it.” Says a Emily Beech, a student traveling in the group in May.

Lots of preparation has been made for these students to have this opportunity. They have meetings often where they go over all possible questions and material about their trip. These students are paying for this trip on their own. It is a huge opportunity for them.

While in Taiwan they are to do a Aboriginal service project, thinking that they would be doing cleaning of a certain sort, as most service projects consist of the group has been asked to teach English as their service project because anyone can pick up garbage but they want the students to help with learning English as service to the village.

“For many of the students this is a life changing experience, these students say how wonderful it is and they would love to go back.” Diane Ogden, the advisor taking the students to Taiwan. Every year Diane takes a group of students to Taiwan to teach English and works in the international center of global engagement.

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