Snow Students Serve Ephraim’s Elderly

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Photo by Taylor Peterson

Photo by Taylor Peterson

Snow College’s annual Service Day took place on October 25. Snow College students that wanted to participate met at the Greenwood Student Center at 9:45 in the morning to prepare for a day of service. After signing in, students were given a pair of gloves and a coupon to receive a free shirt for participating. Students then divided into groups and chose where they wanted to perform their service for the day.


Students spent the day raking leaves, cleaning windows, and performing several acts of service for people in the community. Students were encouraged to offer service to people beyond who they were assigned to so that more people in the community could benefit. While the students worked in different areas of the community, granola bars and water bottles were taken to the groups throughout the day.


Service Day was just one of many opportunities to participate in a service project. Students wanting to volunteer to serve will have an easy time finding opportunities around campus; there are many ways to get involved including joining a serve-to-learn class or attending Snow Service club meetings. The 5 Pillars of Snow Service are education, environment, wellness, social justice, and global outreach. Snow Service participants volunteer with an organization or program from each category twice a month. Any student can join the Snow Service Club if they are seeking an opportunity to serve.

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