Snow Supports Vaccine

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Snow College is encouraging students and staff to get the Covid-19 vaccination.  Signs have been placed around campus with the phrase, “this is our shot at a normal year, vaccinate!”.  

Last year Snow College was the only college in Utah that was hosting in-person classes.  Having in-person activities did not, however, mean that normal activities were going on.  Masks were required in every building and at every event and class on campus.  Many clubs were not even allowed to host events, and if they were, they had to  be heavily modified.  One group on campus that was not allowed to hold events was the Western Swing Club, Sadie Cox, a Snow Student that loved Western Swing said, “I was sad that we couldn’t dance.  It was what I was most excited about when I came to Snow.”

This year, mask requirements have been removed and life seems to be returning to normal.  Hannah Hix, a Snow student who lived on campus this summer said, “seeing the ‘masks required’ signs come off the door this summer was an amazing feeling.  It seriously made me wanna cry.” 

According to Snow College, the only way to keep doing things without masks and fully in-person is to get vaccinated against Covid-19.  Covid testing in the Stadium that is free for Badgers.  

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