Snow Theatre Debuts Radium Girls

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The theatre department put on their second show of the season, Radium Girls, during the evenings of Nov. 10-13. 

Radium Girls takes place in New Jersey during the 1920s, and is based on the true story of young factory workers who started a campaign seeking justice after they had been poisoned by the usage of radium-laced paint for their job. The play follows the heart breaking battle of Grace Fryer, who struggles throughout the span of the play due to her own radium poisoning while striving to take down her previous employer, the United States Radium Corporation, as they employ every effort to cover up the deadly effects they’ve come to realize are surrounding the usage of radium. 

Harry Cook, portrayer of Tom Kreider, said that his favorite parts of being involved in productions is always getting to know and befriend the cast, specifically that “this cast was really great and it was fun to work with Milinda and Jaden who are awesome, as well as to see how it was different from working with Andy [on 12 Angry Jurors].” 

Director Milinda Weeks had this to say about her experience with the play, “I like that it’s actually based on a true story, this is the first production I’ve ever directed with significant historical ties. This one has some really beautiful and poignant information about these girls available and researching who these characters were, their lives and their struggles and being truthful, was amazing.” 

Cam Carter, a freshman here at Snow, described her time with building the set of the play. “It was really fun to still be involved even though I wasn’t in the cast. My favorite part of working on the set was how awesome it was to learn about all the secret parts that go into the set, like all the rivets we used were spray-painted googly eyes, and we worked with UV paint to give the illusion of radium too.” 

A Tuna Christmas, the theatre department’s next production directed by Josh Patterson, will run the nights of Dec. 1-4 and showcase exactly how a small, rural Texas town by the name of Tuna celebrates Christmas. 

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