Is it “Snowing” on TV?

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Snow TV films the Men’s basketball game against the Colorado Kings. Photo by McCall Voigt

Snow TV films the Men’s basketball game against the Colorado Kings. Photo by McCall Voigt

Snow TV has been Snow College’s own student- run television station since 2008.  Just about any event that happens on the Snow College campus can be found on Snow TV.

From slow beginnings, Snow College staff member Gary Chidester started Snow TV.  It started simple, with just one camera.  Video was taken of several events and later provided to the local cable company.

Since 2008, Snow TV has been approached by and most recently by Deseret Digital to expand their company.  During this time, Snow TV began to use a Tri-caster, a camera that provides the possibility to send live events available for streaming.

Snow TV began providing live events such as convocations, business seminars, athletic events and concerts.  These events are broadcast live through Manti Telephone and Cable on channels 3 and 10.  They are also streamed on Snow TV’s YouTube channel, which can be found at

When asked about the YouTube channel, Chidester commented, “It is great for students because they can use it at their convenience.  They can see what they want to see when they want to see it.”  He also referenced this point by saying, “If students need to see a concert or an event like that, they can find it on the YouTube page.

Since the YouTube page was created, the uploaded videos have received over 30,500 views.

Snow College students can be a part of Snow TV by signing up for COMM 1385, Intermediate TV Production, taught by Chidester himself.  Those that may have questions about the class or Snow TV in general should contact Chidester in the KAGE radio suit, classroom 115 in the Humanities Building.

Chidester tells students, “Come see me for questions.  Anyone interested will be able to have a real world, hands on experience at a junior college.”  He also encouraged students to visit Snow TV’s YouTube page.  “By doing so,” Chidester said, “it will give Snow College students a chance to see everything the school has to offer.”

From its beginnings a half-decade ago, Snow TV aims to grow in popularity and provide viewers with live and recorded Snow College events produced by its very own students.

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