Snowdrift Staff Hits New York

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Snowdrift staff embraces Time Square before making their way to Fifth Avenue stores and Central Park. Photo Courtesy of Alyssa Worthington

Members of Snow College’s Snowdrift staff attended the CMA’s Spring National College Media Convention in New York City. This took place at the Marriott Hotel in Times Square, where the staff took part in attending a variety of sessions meant to teach students how to better manage faculty, write better pieces, and be a successful journalist.   

In the first workshop that a few of the staff attended, they were not expecting the different culture and religious beliefs. The conference had the opposite of a conservative view, that made some of the students from Snow College uncomfortable to the point of getting up and walking out. The presenter at the conference had a completely narrow and uneducated opinion on a religion that a majority of people from Utah are a part of. April Carver, a Snow College student, said “A picture was presented as an example which essentially portrayed Utah Mormons as polygamists. I personally felt attacked and saw it as an example of false reporting and reporters not fact checking. I felt that it was a poor presentation since the presenter did not know his audience.” Other than that, Snowdrift Staff reported it to be a fun conference to attend.  

When they finished sessions, they got the opportunity to go sightseeing around New York. They took a bus tour that went to four of the boroughs in New York, which were Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Queens. Tory Mills, another student from the newspaper staff, said, “It was amazing. I really loved being in a place that was so completely different than anywhere I’ve been before. I think the best part, apart from seeing the city, was the opportunity we had to attend those different workshops and really get a feel for what it means to be involved in the media and what we can expect as communication or journalism majors.” 

Autumn was born in a small town called West Haven right on the outskirts of Ogden. She loves dance and cheerleading, she grew up dancing and doing gymnastics, and currently cheers at Snow College while working on her education to get her associates degree in communications. Autumn also plays piano. She loves anything outdoorsy including hiking, camping, and atving. She’s a very happy, outgoing person who has dedicated her life to serving others, her education and bettering herself.

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