Snowdrift Staff Takes New York by Storm

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Snowdrift Staff wanders around New York and stops only after finding a dog park. Photo by Sandra Cox.

Spring Break is a time for Badgers to have a break from the homework and busy schedules of the life of a college student. For the Snowdrift staff, this was a time of learning and exploring. 

Learning was done by way of the College Media Association (CMA) convention. This allowed members of the Snowdrift team to receive feedback on current work and go to workshops to get ideas of how to keep students interested in news. 

One member of the Snowdrift staff, Patrick Kastner said, “Everything was just eye candy. I could not get enough of the lights and the screens and the buildings and just the size and energy of everything.”

For many people, when they think of New York, the idea of bright lights, and large buildings is the first thought that comes to mind. There are many recognizable sights to see when in New York from many films and shows. Some of these films include Spider-Man, Ghostbusters, West Side Story, and Hitch. 

Kastner, who focused on the Spiderman filming locations, said that his favorite thing to see was where Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman took place.  “Seeing those things I was losing it, like he was right there. I’m standing right here. He was on the subway. That was dope.”

Our Snowdrift staff had an eventful visit to New York from subway rides, crazy bikers and sightseeing, to getting stuck in an elevator at the CMA convention.  

For Sadie Cox, she said, “I thought you were gonna say favorite things, and I was gonna say definitely not getting stuck in an elevator. We put ourselves in like a twelve person elevator and we got stuck in it. We had 19 people in there.”

While the purpose of the Snowdrift staff’s trip to New York was not to get stuck in an elevator, the insights from the CMA convention were informative for those in charge of the paper. In reference to the convention, Kastner said, “ It was cool to kind of just get some other viewpoints on what we are doing in the media.”

The convention allowed the Snowdrift staff to find ways to improve the newspaper experience for current and future Badgers. Though there was some criticism given at the convention, overall, staff members were able to take the criticism and use it to improve the paper for current readers. 

Anna Mower is a Snow College freshman on the Snowdrift Senior Staff. She enjoys meeting new people and getting out of her comfort zone. She is hard working, family oriented photographer and writer.

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