Snow’s Got Talent

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Davis Underwood performs with the music department for a rowdy crowd of students. Photo courtesy 2014-15 SBA’s

Davis Underwood performs with the music department for a rowdy crowd of students. Photo courtesy 2014-15 SBA’s

Ready to see some talent? Snow’s Got Talent is a show where the students of Snow College can show off their talents. Students can show off any talent that they want to. Bring friends, bring some popcorn and get ready to be entertained by the talented students of Snow College. Or try out and amaze the students that will be there to watch.  The student life office has all the information for this event.

The goal of the show is to entertain students. Students can either try out for the show, or just go and watch. Kaela George from the business department went as a spectator last year. She said that “It is a really great social event, it is entertaining and fun.” Kayla George recommends everyone to go to Snow’s got talent.

Snow’s Got Talent had many different talents in the show last year. There are a lot of students here at Snow College, which indicates that there are going to be more people that have different talents. Mackenna Anderson from student life said, “There is a good amount of different talents, a lot of them were out of the ordinary.”  So don’t expect your normal talent show at Snow’s got talent.

Students have been talking, saying that the Snow College talent show is great. Get some popcorn and be ready to be entertained. Shaun Kgar from Student Life said, “Prepare to be surprised”. If students want to see something out of the ordinary then this is the place. Student Life has many awesome upcoming events planned, events that will keep students up and active, and having fun. To keep up on all of the fun amazing activities they will be having go to

Snow’s got talent auditions will be held September 9th, at 5:30 in the Eccles Building. To sign up go to the Student Life office located in the GSC. The students from student life said not to miss out on the talent show this year.

Kody Cummings is from Draper, Utah and is a freshman at Snow College. He is the first in his immediate family to pursue higher education. Kody is currently majoring in journalism, and he is very intrigued by sports journalism. In his free time, Kody enjoys playing basketball and going on adventures with friends.

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