Snow’s Very Own Mardi Gras

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Snow College students enjoying the Mardi Gras activity. The Greenwood Student Center was taken over by decorations, cake and one of Snow College’s jazz bands. Photo by Taylor Davies

Although different from last year’s, this year’s Mardi Gras was celebrated with cake and jazz music. While a couple tables were set up for students to stay, the event was set up for students to be able to grab some cake walking through the GSC and enjoy some music. 

Those who came found the event great for in between classes. Taya Baker, student, states, “I came to the Mardi Gras celebration in between classes and was impressed with the beautiful music, fun cake, and party decorations.” Adding to this, McKenna Johnson, student, states, “The Mardi Gras celebration was fun and relaxing. The cake was good and the music was on point! Way to go Snow College.” 

The event was planned to bring some of New Orleans to Snow and the music brought that goal alive. Kaylee Perkins, Snow SBO, says, “Mardi Gras is a time for celebration! We wanted to bring a feel of New Orleans to small town Ephraim. Music was amazing!” To add to that, Preston Moon, Snow SBO, states, “Mardi Gras was so fun! With the Jazz band providing the music, it really had a 1940’s/50’s vibe. Super fun!” 

The event had a live band playing to liven up the place, changing the atmosphere of the GSC. Iyonna Herbent, drum player, says “Jazz music began in New Orleans which is why it was essential to play for the event. It was once ragtime and today it is known as second-line jazz.”  

The music helped bring Snow a little closer to the real New Orleans’ Mardi Gras. Ethan Hansen, piano player, states, “Mardi Gras in February is like Valentines in March! Regardless, it’s  good that we have a way to expose Snow College to some New Orleans jazz.” 

Even though this year’s Mardi Gras had no bingo, gambling, games, and drinks due to COVID-19, students still enjoyed the cake, music, and fast escape from classes.

A Snow College jazz band setting the mood for a fun Mardi Gras
activity. The rhythm and smooth sound of jazz danced through the
Greenwood Student Center. Photo by Taylor Davies

My name is Danielle Pidcock! I am a student at Snow college where I have been studying communications and will be graduating this semester with my associates in science as well as a certificate of proficiency in communications. I have been part of the Snowdrift team for about two years and love every part of it. I joined for my love of writing and how it can influence people for the greater good. Hopefully my articles, though they may just be about events here at Snow, will influence readers in a way to love and cherish the life they have been given.

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