Soccer is a “Keeper” for Snow College

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The announcement of the addition of soccer as a sanctioned NJCAA sports program at Snow College came in a press release on Monday, November 9.

Several students have expressed excitement for the addition of the new program. Linlee Searcy, captain of the 2010-2011 Rockwell High Soccer team said, “I’m really excited for this building opportunity. Soccer is a growing sport in this state, and I feel like it will bring a lot of students to this school for this program.” Athletic Director, Rob Nielson, also voiced his approval of the addition in the press release, saying, “Soccer is one of the fastest growing high school sports in the state of Utah. The addition of soccer has been a topic of discussion for several years at Snow College and, over these years, the soccer club on campus has continued to grow. We appreciate the work of the faculty members who have gauged interest, held meetings, and advocated this addition. We have worked with our region, and – overall – have found that there is a strong interest in all areas to include soccer in the Snow College athletic program. ”

According to the press release, the new sports program will begin in the fall 2016 semester and the search for “two part-time coaches, one for the women’s team and one for the men’s team” is underway. The press release claims that tryouts and recruitment will begin when the two coaches have been selected.
Players on the soccer team will follow suit with the football and volleyball teams, arriving on-campus before classes begin to initiate practice early.

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