Southern Utah On a Budget

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Arches National Park. Photo Courtesy of

Arches National Park. Photo Courtesy of

Spring break is just around the corner; what is there to do? The majority of students leave Ephraim. Roommates will be gone, and everything is expensive. Southern Utah’s national parks are practically right next door, providing diverse hiking and adventures.

Utah has multiple national parks and expansive canyons to explore. Some of these parks include Capitol Reef, Boulder Reef, Arches, and Zions. National parks are also a great source of history and geography. Tourists travel from around the world to study the rock formations, the petroglyphs, and the communities that used to live around these parks.

Capitol Reef is just one of these close parks, located just two hours south of Ephraim. The park offers hiking, history, and homemade pie and ice cream. Capitol Reef allows for people to experience nature up close and recognize the beauty in Utah. There are many rock formations that offer hiking, including Chimney Rock and Paramount Point. Once all the hiking has been done, cool off with some homemade pie and ice cream.

If one does not want to travel far from Ephraim, Maple Canyon is close by. It is located about thirty minutes from Snow College. The full park opens on the seventh of May, however there is plenty to look at and explore. Entrance into the park is $8. According to, “Maple Canyon is nestled between thick groves of maples and contains over 40 cliffs ranging in height from 30 to 300 feet.” Therefore, it is also a favored spot for rock climbers. This canyon offers many hiking or biking trails along the many rock formations and cliffs.

Whether traveling south or staying near home, these parks give opportunities to be outside and enjoy nature without breaking the bank.  Exploring these parks range from $7-$10 for the entire day. Find some friends, pack a lunch, and hit the road.

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