Speakers Inspire at Convocations

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Convocations class is an inspiring class. Speakers have come to Snow College from all around the world to speak to students. Every speaker has different stories but the same theme, and that theme is to be happy. The speakers that come to Snow College want students to leave with a smile on their faces, knowing that they are blessed to be in College getting and education. Convocations has interested many students.

Convocations is not only for Snow College students. Convocations is free and open to the public. Convocations opens up with a musical act. So not only do students get to hear from great speakers, but they also get to hear some great music from talented musical artists. Sydney Warrick is a teacher’s aid to the class and she said, “There are so many diverse speakers in convocations, and the musical acts are great.”

The students of Convocations have gotten to hear from very great speakers. Convocations has had Harlan Taney, Matthew Sanders, Brandy Farmar, Mariama Kallon and Timothy Mooney. Convocations is broadcasted by Snow T.V. by Adric Reynolds. Adric Reynolds said, “Convocations has speakers with unique lives and a great perspective on life.”

Timothy Mooney was the most recent speaker at Convocations. He acted out Shakespeare scenes. He was the first speaker that played a game with the audience. He had students playing Shakespeare Bingo. He got the audience very involved. There were some audience members who won prizes for winning the game. He was very different compared to all of the other Convocation speakers.

Convocations has eight more sessions. If students are looking for something to do at 12:30 p.m. on Thursday, that is when Convocations starts. You won’t regret taking one hour out of your day to see some of the amazing shows that Convocations has to offer.  Celia Benson is the director of the class. She said, “Convocations allows Snow College students to broaden their knowledge of other cultures and gives themselves opportunities to experience performance arts.” Convocations is held in the Eccles Center every Thursday at 12:30 p.m. Be ready to be inspired.

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