Springs New Fashion Pallet

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Once again, spring blossoms from underneath winter and spreads warmth throughout the season. Spokeswoman Bryndee Deamer from Salt Lake Fox 13 interviewed faculty member Janet Buhler from the Salt Lake Fashion Institute, sharing some of the hot new colors that will be hitting the stores this Spring. Every Spring there is a selection of colors carefully picked to represent what the new year has to offer. Buhler said, “In the past we have had really vivid intense colors. This spring, it’s more about calmness, tranquility, and the ocean. It’s all about feeling happy and going to your sunny place.” These new colors are right in the middle, not too bright, but not too light. The colors include peach echo, serenity, rose quartz, lilac gray, limpet shell, and snorkel blue. The colors will look calm and soothing for this year’s trends as Buhler points out the strict, tight, pencil skirt look that has been an ongoing trend for awhile now. This year we are getting pleated skirts, and bigger ball skirts, which are a little longer.

The next surprising trend will have jaws dropping: lingerie. It is no longer just for those late nights. The fashion world has reversed its style bringing lingerie out of the dark and into the light with a touch of denim. Springs fashion has innovated itself with satin and lace with a touch of sexy. Okay, too much excitement, but there’s more. The paper bag waist is quite intriguing. Most people won’t recognize it, but for some, it’s a come back. The paper bag waist goes with a nice belt leaving extra ruffle material at the top flaring out. The pants itself can be wide at the bottom or fall into a straight narrow opening. Another alluring trend mentioned by Buhler are bows, chiffon, and metallic, an alluring feminine pick for clothing fabric.

Spring trends are constantly at work. There are many different types of styles put together by each individual. Fashion trends are suppose to be experiments, trials, and errors. The creation and ideas that implement the fashion world today is a never ending cycle. Just look at these captivating spring fashion trends for 2016. Who would have thought denim, lingerie, lace, and metallic would be the hit of the season. Fashion is an entirely different world with it’s own kind of divergent, but that’s what fashion is all about. This spring, go out and shop for the latest new trends. It just might surprise you.

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