St. Patrick’s Day Festivities

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Bagpipers perform in Los Angeles for St. Patrick's Day. Photo Courtesy of

Bagpipers perform in Los Angeles for St. Patrick’s Day. Photo Courtesy of

Countries all around the globe have their own unique way of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. From praising the common phrase, “Eat, drink and be merry” to lighting up historic sights bright green, St. Patrick’s Day has grown to be an international holiday.

In Ireland, the holiday is one of the busiest days of the year. An annual parade is held in the capital, Dublin. David Fallon, blogged live during the parade and said, “I remember an Irish wolfhound the size of a bungalow trotting in front of the tooting Boston bands, and youngsters peering over their parents’ heads via makeshift ladders.

Everyone in the crowd had two things in common – green gear and smiles.” St. Patrick’s Day is praised in Ireland for its historic significance, but many locals see it as a day where Lent is given up. Lent is a tradition where individuals will give up a certain food or item for a set amount of time. Since the holiday is such a festive day, locals are able to end their Lent fast and celebrate accordingly.

In London, restaurants will offer certain food and drink specials in order to accommodate customers on St. Patrick’s Day.  For Example, The Gallery in West Hampstead hosts an even called Whisky 101 in order to honor Ireland’s finest contemporary whiskies. Irish Europeans who have relocated to England have expanded the celebration to the country. Bishopsgate’s Polo Bar, a 24-hour British café, offers a full Irish Breakfast to customers. Irish Europeans who have relocated to England have expanded and helped encourage these traditions throughout the years.

Throughout the world, groups of people show their St. Patrick’s Day support by dyeing/lighting up objects green. The White House fountain is dyed green every year and the Chicago River is dyed green as well. In Seattle, parade routes are painted green in order to show direction and also liven up the city. A simple, but also festive action, happens in many North Eastern states where people will plant peas on St. Patrick’s Day. Primarily because it is pea-planting season but also because of the pea’s bright green color.

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