Starting the Season Off With Soup

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Zeke Boswell happily dishing up soup for Ashley Elwood at soup night at the GSC building on September 26. Photo by Janiel Prime

On Thursday, September 26, the Greenwood Student Center was filled with tables for students to sit around, eat free food and catch up with friends. Music and laughter filled the hall as students socialized and enjoyed their meal. 
Students had the option to choose from Potato Bacon, Chicken Noodle, and Minestrone (vegetarian) soups to go along with their yummy breadsticks.  Abby Andrus, a student, commented, “It’s a fun way to bring everyone together for a homey meal at the end of a tough week. The soup slaps too!” Conner Larson, a student at snow, added by saying, “The soup is souper good!”.  
Soup was not the only thing students were able to enjoy at the event. To spread awareness, the Counseling and Wellness Center, had a table set up with games for students to play. Along with this, there were crayons for people to draw on paper centerpieces and not one table was left colorless. Sheridan Barton, a student, commented by saying, “Is this preschool or college? There’s free food and coloring. I love it!” 
The event as a whole captured the hearts of all the students that attended. The atmosphere set the scene for success. Quinton Ostler, a student, agreed by saying, “Soup night is the best, I love hanging out with great people and great soup! It was a festive night, the music was fun and I loved the energy from the staff!” 
At the end of the night many students looked back on soup night as a hit. Kole Graper, a Snow student, shared, “Honestly it was a friendly experience. Soup was divine, it was a good time talking to friends, and overall a fun experience. I would do it again,”  Kaleb Fenton, a student, agrees with Kole by including, “It’s a great activity to get together. It unified our campus a little more, the soup was delicious, and overall I had a good night.”  
Next time a soup night rolls around, come and experience some of the fun and meet new people. Dreydon Niemann, a student, states, “I always enjoy events like soup night. I get to see my friends and meet new awesome people! Also, who doesn’t love free soup?” If that is not motivation enough then fun memories made with friends should be.

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