Stay Healthy for the Holidays

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Photo by Emily Gordan

Photo by Emily Gordan

Hate the feeling of being down and out over the holidays? People want to enjoy the holidays and especially being around family and friends.  They might as well enjoy it and feel good too.  Here are some simple suggestions that can help prevent getting a cold, according to the National Health Services (NHS) choice health page.

Drink more milk.  It sounds simple and to some of us this may already be a daily routine.  More consumption of milk can reduce the risk of getting a cold this winter by 80%.  It’s important to keep our immune system in the best shape possible and this will help do that according to the NHS.

Fruits and vegetables are a better choice than the unhealthy comfort food we choose during the winter.  When craving a chocolate bar, try to replace that craving with some fruit or vegetables.

People tend to stay inside during the winter months and that is not always the best idea.  Get outside and try a new activity such as ice skating, sledding, skiing or even a brisk walk.  Activity through the winter helps boost the immune system, maintain weight control and help relieves the tension that can come from school.

Having a healthy breakfast in the morning will make one feel fuller for longer.  This will help eliminate the craving for those extra sugary snacks. As college students, breakfast can be very important and beneficial to us.



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