College Students and Fitness

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Photo by Snowdrift

Photo by Snowdrift

Does the sound of the “Freshman 15” send chills down your spine? Many college students feel this way, wondering what can I do to stay away from this.  Staying in shape is more than just exercising on a regular basis it’s also about having a well balanced diet.  Here are some suggestions and tips for college students.

According to a multi-year study at Tufts University, students who exercised at least three times a week had a better state of physical health and happier state of mind compared to those who didn’t exercise. Exercise will help to reduce the stress and depression that come from college studies.  It is important to set apart a scheduled time to exercise.  This will allow you to get in a regular routine of exercise.

It’s not all about the type of exercise, but about getting out and developing a consistent schedule. Not only is it important to keep to our exercise routine it’s also important to follow a well-balanced diet.

Keeping to a specific diet can be hard and sometimes an inconvenience. It may take two or three attempts at a diet plan before succeeding.  The important part is to keep trying.  It may not happen all at once either so it’s key to be patient and consistent with the plan or diet.  A well-balanced diet will help to improve self-esteem and physical health, mainly internally.

A regular exercise routine in conjunction with a well-balanced diet keeps the mind healthy and helps with reducing our stress level. When stress levels are down people tend to have more fun, especially in college.

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