Student Athletes vs. Student Success

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Snow College is the top of its class with an 85% success rate. With a huge portion of the student population being athletes, the school and the students consistently show they make education a priority. 

The athletes of Snow College are always busy with sports activities but they are also students. “To Snow College, every student’s success is important,” says Denise Tippets, an Athlete Academic Liaison at Snow. She continues on to say that, “In the Athletic Department, they are students first and athletes second. Professors have spent countless hours outside of their regular class time to help student athletes succeed in the classroom.” 

Volleyball coach, Jeffrey Reynolds, and player, Brielle Fowler, work together closely in Reynold’s office to make time for academics. Photo by Lydia Montague

With this kind of extra help, student athletes are able to keep up with their classmates and add to Snow’s well maintained student success rate. In fact, the whole school pitches in to help these busy students stay on task. Ms. Tippets adds to her earlier comments with several ways that coaches have helped as well. “When athletes are on the road, coaches take the time to have rolling study hall.”

Camden Strain, a volleyball player at Snow College, attests to this statement about dedicated coaches with this quote. “I would say that it’s been pretty clear that our coach expects excellence on and off the court. He makes sure to emphasize the student in student-athlete.” This being said, it seems very clear that student athletes have contributed greatly to the student success at Snow. Athletes have realized that their peers work extremely hard to maintain this level of achievement and they strive to keep up with that standard. Strain goes on to talk about this, saying that she thinks, “the student body here is actually really high achieving academically. In all of my classes, people seem to be there to learn and to maximize their time to gain an education.”

From this statement, it can be said that student athletes lives are busy, yes, but they receive help from all over campus in order to succeed. This fact alone has contributed greatly to Snow College’s student success rate in a way that students here are always willing to help each other maintain a high achieving standard. 

This kind of teamwork in the student body allows athletes to continue their college education while playing the sports they love, an ideal proving that no matter what a student might gain joy from, they always have a chance to succeed while living out that dream at Snow College.

The institution’s effort to graduate students has increased exponentially over the years and will continue to do so in the future, with the help of willing advisors and hard working professors. 

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