Student Body Advocates Push #LiveSnowGiveSnow

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The opportunities at Snow College do not end at small class sizes and affordable tuition. Snow has almost 40 different active clubs, and five official sports teams and numerous intramural sports are played every day. Many musical and fine art opportunities are available not only for credit, but for enjoyment. While these extracurricular activities seem to be too time consuming to do as a full time college student, a study done by Sera Rivers of Demand Media proves otherwise:

“Students who participate in extracurricular activities have a 15 percent higher classroom attendance rate than students who are not involved…Students who do not miss classes are more likely to have a higher grade point average.” (

Students do not have to attend big universities to have big opportunities. Many students choose Snow because the smaller campus allows them to meet more people. They live in closer proximity to each other, have the option to take the same classes, and mingle in. Share night and weekend activities and join the same extracurricular activities. Snow College has done an amazing job at getting a lot of the students involved, and they only want to build off of that. Snow believes there is a place and role for every single student to play here. That is why, as a team, the SBAs (Student Body Advocates) are helping to change campus atmosphere with their ideas behind the “#LiveSnowGiveSnow” slogan. A few different students were asked what #LiveSnowGiveSnow meant to them.

Breeann Newby explained she felt that it meant “Follow rules and give Snow spirit.”Kourtney Rasmussen, said “Be active and involved. Show passion and love for Snow College.” Dallin Larsen, said he felt #LiveSnowGiveSnow meant “Give back, help those who struggle. Live who you are and reflect that.” Lastly, Kolton Moon explained that, to him, it meant“Live up to yourself, give to others and share happiness.”

The step taken in coming to Snow College is not a small one. The opportunities each individual student has here at Snow sets the path for the rest of life’s journey.

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