Student Nations Organization

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The Student Nations Organization is a Model United Nations club here at Snow! In this club, everyone is assigned a country to represent.  The group is given a prompt such as “zombies are taking over the world” and they debate on what each country wants to do.  At the end of the debates, they make a proposal and vote on it. 

The club described by President Madison Ward is “A fun place where people who like to be involved in current events and politics can discuss it in a way that’s fun for everyone.”  They even have food at every meeting.
The S.N.O. Club meets every Wednesday at six p.m. in room 204 of the Social Science building. 

Visitors are always welcome.  When asked what her favorite thing about S.N.O. is, Vice President Natalie Watts said, “It is so unexpectedly fun! The mix of people we have makes the debates more interesting.” All Badgers are welcome, but are reminded to wear masks.

Emily Parnell is a Sophomore communications major at Snow College. She has a great passion for writing and reading. She joined The Snowdrift newspaper to help her pursue a career in public relations.

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