Cortez Hogans’ Journey

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Cortez Hogans in his prime. Photo by Jossalyne Foster.

Cortez Hogans, grew up in Illinois, Chicago just him and his mom. Cortez looks up to his mother and everything she has done for him. Until Cortez’s step father became a part of his and his mom’s life and put a lot of work “in my football game to not have my mom pay for my schooling.” He admired his mother for “she was a strong independent woman, and for me to see her hard work let’s me see that if she can do it then so can I! She’s the reason I do what I do.” That gave him the desire and the mentality that he could make something of himself to make his mom proud. 

Ever since he came to Utah to watch a BYU game he fell in love with the sensory of the mountains. He fell in love with the idea of playing a sport he loves in a beautiful place like Utah. He wants to make something of himself and continue to become a better player on the field. When living here in Ephraim he was surprised by many things like “the sheep walking down the street and how that was very different from my small town back home.”

Cortez has improved so much just this season. He has had a huge impact on the team and the game. “I have seen the field better and been able to adjust to new positions in the game.” This past month the team had an impactful moment of losing a team member. Although this was a hard time for all the players, the badgers were all able to come together to have each other’s backs and keep playing strong. 

Cortez has had many offers just this season. He has a big decision to make when the time comes to transfer schools. He was “Shocked of all the offers I have been getting. I was just wanting to come out and have a good season, and then new doors have opened.” He hopes to improve his game on the field and to his team “by being a leader and keep getting his good sacks, and stopping the runs.” 

The Badgers love having Cortez on the team. His bright spirit and good attitude helps the team all have a good time and continue to play good. He has made a huge impact on this season and is a leader that everyone can look up to. 

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